4 Reasons Dads Should Read to (and with) Their Child

Ask anyone if it’s important to read to children, and most would say yes. If you ask them why, they may not know.

Reading to (and with) your children is time well-spent and that in itself is precious, but reading to your children has so many more great benefits beyond simply spending valuable time together.

Here are 4 great reasons dads should read to (and with) their children.

  1. Reading with your child prepares them for future success.
Research shows that reading aloud with your child will prepare them for learning and facilitate success in his/her future reading. If your child starts his/her school experience with some knowledge about books and an interest in reading, it will be to his/her advantage.
  2. Reading with your child teaches them about the dynamics of language.
 Toddlers love books with nursery rhymes and songs and parents often enjoy them too, because parents recall memories of these songs and rhymes when they were children. While you and your children are reading and singing together, your child is attentive to the sounds of language — helping them learn phonics by hearing the syllables, consonants, and vowels associated with your language. Awareness of these sounds will help children develop future reading and speaking skills.
  3. Reading with your child develops their attention span.
 Listening to stories and reading together will help develop your child’s attention span. You may want to start with short stories and gradually lengthen reading times to strengthen their ability to remain attentive throughout the entire book. The ability to pay attention for longer periods of time will support good listening comprehension and improved performance in school. Strong listening comprehension will also aid in developing improved reading comprehension.
  4.  Reading with your child expands their vocabulary.
 Vocabulary plays an important role in learning to read and your child’s early language development depends on you. Reading aloud to your child will expose them to a wider vocabulary and an expanded language environment. A large vocabulary is necessary for good reading comprehension and effective communication (later in life).

Dads have the opportunity to be your child’s first teacher, and a life-long teacher. Make the most of your time reading by immersing your child in different language experiences by reading aloud from different genres of books. Reading nonfiction books may spark questions and lead to new knowledge, while fiction books entertain and foster a vibrant imagination.

Books can open doors of communication, help develop your child’s language, and build stronger family bonds. One-on-one time spent reading with your child is a gift. It is a time of bonding and an opportunity to share values, emotions, and adventures.

Please share this post, and dads, please keep reading to your children!

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