Our Stories

“Every year I am amazed at what God is doing… and the volunteers who dedicate their time every week!”

– Tracey Mixon

Former Naumann Elementary Instructional Coach & Education Connection School Coordinator

“The relationships that we form are going to last an entire lifetime.”

– Dr. Rev. Daryl Horton

Education Connection Board Member

“[There are students] knowing that somebody is going to show up every single week to read and invest time in them.”

– Rachel Kubicki

Education Connection Board Member

“To my family, what it did is it just instilled more confidence into my kiddos.”

– Kristin West

Parent of former Education Connection student

“The front staff and the administrators and the custodians and the teachers all were lit up because volunteers were coming in to serve the kids.”

– Pete Inman

Norman/Sims Elementary Literacy Partner & Education Connection Ambassador

“Not only are you having time in your week, your busy week, to be able to sit with a child and read a book (what a joy that is), but you’re also able to know that this is really going to advance that child’s learning journey.”

– Michelle Brigance

Austin Christian Fellowship-Church Partner & Supporter

“Literacy has always been important to me and our family because both of us being college graduates we understand the need and the necessity of being able to read and its fundamental in that progression in life.”

– Pastor Herb Moffett, Jr.

Education Connection Board Member

“For the kids who are struggling with reading, they simply need a caring adult to read alongside them. They need to be read to, and they need to read too.”

– Pastor Larry Coulter

Education Connection Board Member

“Education Connection is successful because it takes caring adults from churches and chambers and businesses and puts them with students in schools, monitors their ability to help to learn to read and then celebrates success.”

– Susan Dawson

E3 Alliance-Community Partner

“When a student knows that someone cares and is consistantly there for them, and then they start building that self-esteem and their whole attitude about reading improves because it becomes something that’s fun and motivating.”

– Ami Uselman

Former Round Rock ISD Library Services Director

“I think that reading just opens up a whole new world for children, and it boosts their self-esteem. And, it gives them one of their most important tools they’re going to need for success [and] their future.”

– Kerrie Miksch

Llano ISD Literacy Partner

“Literacy plays such a significant role in a person’s life.”

– SaulPaul

Musician with a Message