How Does Reading With A Child Help Them?

Do you remember learning to read growing up?  What was your biggest hurdle? Was it learning all the different sounds of the letters? Maybe it was remembering which letters were silent? Or was it trying to figure out why two different words sounded the same?  Reading is fun, but it often doesn’t start out that way!
Reading Helps With Language
Reading to and with a child is beneficial because it assists them in developing language. When being read to, the child is able to hear the words and how they are pronounced. This gives them a model as to what words are supposed to sound like. This is especially helpful for those who are learning to read a language that is not their primary language.  Additionally, when the child is reading, they can be assisted with pronunciation when they run into difficult words.
Reading Helps With Learning
Children who are read to and later able read themselves are better learners than those that are not exposed to reading.  Research shows that children who read an average of 20 minutes per day score higher on standardized tests as compared to students who read less. In short, children that are exposed to and actively participate in reading or being read to are better learners.
Reading Changes The World
Taking time to read to or with a child is an invaluable investment.  As mentioned above, children exposed to reading become better learners. Better learners are better students.  Better students get higher grades.  Higher grades lead to increased motivation, goal setting, and vision.  In other words, reading with children can, and often does have a lasting impact on their futures.
If you want to change the world, simply read with a child!
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