It’s Time To Celebrate

cel·e·brate (verb) –
– to observe (a day) or commemorate (an event) with ceremonies or festivities
– to make known publicly; proclaim
– to praise widely or to present to widespread and favorable public notice
   Note: Definition was taken from
Remember that very first meeting with your students?  Some were shy, others were excited, and many were nervous.  Think about how they’ve grown.  Do they pronounce words better? Are they reading more fluently? Has their comprehension improved?  These are just a few of the ways your investment has impacted the lives of the students you’ve been reading with and it’s time to celebrate!
We have so much to celebrate and celebrating is important because it honors the efforts and accomplishments as a result of each individual’s effort.  For the past several months you have been climbing the “literacy stairs” with the goal of “…every child reading by 3rd grade”.  Each new word pronounced correctly or story comprehended has taken the students one step closer to being a fluent reader.  It’s time to celebrate!
We also want to celebrate you, our volunteers!  Your efforts and the generous giving of your time, energy, and commitment have impacted the Greater Austin area.  Thank you for making a difference!
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