Ways to Prepare Children for Back to School

After a fun summer spent in the swimming pool and sleeping in on lazy days, it can often be a difficult transition for children when they head back to the classroom. Children can have a lack of motivation to get back to school and work hard on their studies. Here are a few important steps to take when you want to help a child prepare for the coming school year:

1. Purchase Supplies

Make it a point to spend time shopping for supplies to get children excited about the first day. Choose a backpack that features their favorite cartoon or superhero, along with clothing that they’ll look forward to wearing. With a new bag, pencil box, and writing utensils, they’ll have more zeal about spending time in the classroom. Allowing a child to pick out their outfit for the first day helps ensure that they feel comfortable with what they wear.

2. Plan After-School Activities

Although children may not look forward to spending time on homework or learning new equations, they can have fun with activities that are planned at the end of the day each week. Consider enrolling them in a sports league or an arts program that allows them to unwind after spending the day with their classmates. Consider changing the type of activities they participate in each semester by offering them a variety of options and allowing them to determine what their interests are as they grown and develop.

3. Meet Their New Teacher

It is often possible to meet the child’s teacher ahead of time to ease the student’s nerves. Meeting with their teacher will make it easier for the child to know what to expect on the first day and see a familiar face that they recognize. They can discover where their desk is and can explore the classroom to ensure that they feel more prepared.

4. Remain Positive

The mood and tone that is set at home about going back to school will influence how a child feels, making it necessary to remain positive. Talk about the exciting adventures that they will have and how many new friends they’ll make in their class. Once they go back to the classroom, ask about the details of the day and what they learned. Communicating can allow them to feel supported and will make it easier to open up if they have any concerns or worries. Instead of focusing on the negative, ask what they enjoyed about their class and their favorite parts of the day.

5. Create a Routine

It is important to get children back into a routine at least a week before their first day of school to make it easier for them to transition. Set their alarms at a certain time and make sure that they start to go to bed early to reset their sleep schedule. Starting a routine will benefit the child by helping them form healthy sleep habits.

These steps will help ease children into the school year.

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