What Do I Do The First Time I Go To Read?

In order to start reading with students you must have registered in Volunteer Tracker/App-Garden, completed your district background check, attended Literacy Partner Training, and completed your Volunteer Commitment Pledge.  Once these steps have been completed and you areapproved to start reading your Literacy Partner Coordinator will contact you to schedule a day and time for you to begin reading and share other campus details.
Here’s what to expect on your first day…
Check In – Every volunteer must check in at the front office each time you go on campus. You will need to bring your drivers license the first time you check in so you can be put into the system.
Campus Orientation – After you’ve checked in on campus you will be given a campus orientation.  Here you will be shown where your student’s classroom is, where you will be reading, emergency (fire, evacuation, lock-down, etc.) instructions, shown the appropriate bathroom to use while on campus, and possibility other campus details.  If you have any questions feel free to ask your Literacy Partner Coordinator and/or you School Coordinator.
Meeting Your Students – Connecting with your students is very important. It’s a good idea to bring the Favorites List worksheet (included in your Extra Resource Packet) to complete with your students during your first meeting.  This will allows you to begin to get to know your students and what type of things they might enjoy reading.
Remember our mission as you begin reading to students:
Humility…Not needing to know
Consistency...Showing up
Simplicity…Believe that our model works
Thank you for your time and commitment and, as always, have fun reading!
If you have questions, contact your Literacy Partner Coordinator or email info@education-connection.org.
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