8 Tips For Learning At Home Over The Summer

The 2019-2020 school year has turned out to be an interesting one.  Students everywhere have been learning online for the last two months.  It’s important to keep the learning process going every summer, but this summer it will be very critical to keep learning.  The easiest and best way to learn over the summer is to read!

BookIt! recently published an article, “At-Home Learning Throughout Summer” which includes eight tips for keeping the learning process productive this summer:

Tip #1
Set a clear daily schedule with realistic goals and be sure to allow flexibility. A child’s attention span grows longer with age – typically 2-3 minutes per year of age – so the amount of time an elementary school student will focus on a task may be significantly shorter than a high school student.

Tip #2
Build in time for kids to play. Play time also helps children manage stress – making it an important and fun way for parents to support kids coping with stress or anxiety.

Tip #3
Create a conducive learning environment at home. If possible, set up a designated desk and distraction-free workspace children can use for everything from completing school assignments to playing educational games.

Tip #4
Spend some time cooking or baking together. Use these experiences as opportunities to practice reading recipes or practice math by measuring and adding ingredients.

Tip #5
Work with other parents or family members to find summer pen pals. Have kids write letters back and forth to practice reading and writing skills.

Tip #6
Extend story time with read-and-do activities that lay the groundwork for developing engaged readers.

Tip #7
Explore science and nature by taking a walk. Try and identify different types of clouds, trees, plants, rocks and animals. Take pictures of any you find interesting. Then look up additional information when you return home to practice research skills.

Tip #8
Watch the news or read about current events together. This can provide practical lessons on social studies and help kids raise questions about the world around them.

It’s important to remember that learning can be fun and reading doesn’t just happen in a textbook. Try some of these tips to help make learning enjoyable for the students in your life over the summer!


Source: At-Home Learning Throughout Summer

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