Celebrating Earth Day – Planting “Seeds” To Grow

Earth day, held annually on April 22nd, is a day focused on environmental protection. Earth Day aims to promote clean air and clean water while raising awareness about global warming and climate change.

Originally celebrated in 1970, organizations and individuals across the globe celebrate Earth day by taking action to better the earth. Many plant trees, collect garbage, and sign petitions to an effort to make a difference.  Some communities even host clean ups at local beaches, parks, and other public properties.

Planting “Seeds” To Grow

While planting trees for Earth Day is a popular practice, planting “seeds” for students is another way we can impact the future in a positive way.  Although Education Connection has not been able to read to students in person, we have undertaken the task of providing virtual books read by volunteers like yourself.

We currently have over 350 videos of volunteers reading books!  Despite the challenges this global pandemic has caused, we have found these videos to be “seeds” that we can continue to plant in order to continue to pursue our mission of “…every child reading by 3rd grade”.

If you would like to sign up to plant a “seed” through one of our video books readings visit INSERT LINK today!

Creating A Better Future

Whether it’s celebrating Earth Day or planting an intangible “seed” through reading a book, it is important that we continue to sow into the next generation. Your effort may feel small, but consider what a tiny acorn can produce.  Will you join us in leaving the earth better than we found it – both our environment and the students!

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