Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

This season, we are grateful for cooler weather, volunteers getting closer to being matched with students, and the fact that registration is still open until early February!  With some of our students favorite holidays right around the corner, like Halloween, let us be reminded of how important our students are and how much we want them to succeed in school! Go through the registration steps and get matched with a student today!


Getting Matched with Students

Once you go through registration, have your background check cleared, and connect with your coordinator from your chosen school, you can be matched with a student!  Getting matched with a student as soon as possible is super beneficial to the student because you get to spend more one on one time with them that is consistent throughout the entire school year.  More time reading together means more time to improve and increase their literacy skills!  Additionally, as a volunteer, you get to create a deeper bond with them that will allow the student to be more open and comfortable to read with you. 


Registration is Open Until Early February 

Even if you’re not able to register right away, know that registration to be a volunteer is still open until early February and we would love to get you into the school next semester as well.  This school year, we need volunteers more than ever, but we also know that sometimes students come into a new school in the middle of the year and need to be matched with a Literacy Partner half way through the school year.  That’s where you can come in and help out students who are not only transitioning into a new school but transitioning into a new period of reading and need help in it. 

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