Thankful for This School Year!

Thankful for Being in Schools

This past year and a half of anyone’s life has been anything but normal, especially for elementary school students.  Their schooling environments were limited and many lacked the necessities to further or enhance their reading skills.  However, we are so thankful, especially during this season, to be able to go back into the schools and read to students.  Thanks to our volunteers, coordinators, teachers, and partners, we are getting to be with students and are helping them get back on track with their reading. The students are just as excited, or maybe even more excited, to be with their Literacy Partners and get to grow in their education alongside you!


Practicing Thankfulness

Every year, the month of November reminds us of what practicing thankfulness looks like and how we strive to incorporate that into our lives outside of this one month.  Having the perspective of being thankful despite any circumstances or events can dramatically alter how you go about your everyday life and see the world around you.  We can use the idea of thankfulness to change our perspective on everyday situations, and also use it to serve others from a place of gratitude and through our actions.

There are many ways we can take our thankfulness and turn it into action.  For example, as you reminisce on your childhood education and remember the people or teachers that walked alongside you as you progressed through the years, you too can turn around and be that support for a child today! In this, not only will you be reminded of your thankfulness for the ability to have an education, to read, and to have a support system, and you can play a part in a child being thankful for your impact on them later in their lives! It only takes 30 minutes, once a week to make a huge difference in the life of two students. It’s easy to register, just visit and click on the 2021 – 2022 Volunteer Registration button. 

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