How to Keep Your Children Reading Through Spring Break

It’s almost vacation time. The schools are about to let out for that precious week before the preparations for end-of-year testing begins. That means your reading buddy is probably about to be at home for the week.

Often families take this time to go on vacation, do cleaning projects, or just lounge around. This is a vital part of his or her routine. The great news is that your reading buddy can still keep up their reading during this time, too. Here are some some suggestions to give to your reading buddy and their parents to keep them reading during the entire week of Spring Break.

Make a library date

At the beginning of Spring Break, take your child to the library, and let them choose some books for the week. Now, remember: let the child choose. She wants to read comic books? Absolutely. He wants to read a book from his younger reading days? Why not? Make sure they know they can choose anything that gets them excited. The important thing is that your child wants to keep reading. Encourage them to choose whatever suits their fancy and, before you know it, your child will have a stack of books so high they’ll probably exceed their checkout limit…and that’s a great thing.

Read with them

One of the things that makes Education Connection so successful is our Literacy Partners. Having an adult who reads with them helps children get more involved in the reading process and feel more confident. The children love it…and they’ll love it even more if that adult is a family member. It takes only 15 minutes of your day to keep your child on their reading schedule. This will reinforce what they are learning with their Literacy Partners. Best yet, reading with your child creates a special bond that neither of you will forget.

Give them a challenge

Just because the little ones are on vacation, doesn’t mean there can’t be challenges. Set a minimum page limit for the week, or set a minimum time amount for them to read each day. Make the challenges attainable, and wherever possible, make them fun! Your children will even love it if you can participate with them in their challenges. Then for each challenge they meet, reward them with a trip to the library or bookstore to get a new book, a trip to the park, or more quality time with you.

Get excited with them

When your child talks incessantly about a book they’ve read, that is the best thing you can hope for. Encourage that. Get excited with them! Ask them questions about the characters, the story, and what makes it special for them. Knowing you can get excited with them keeps them excited. It keeps them reading.

And that’s what it’s all about.

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