Top 10 Things You Should Know About Reading

Reading is an integral part of learning.  Students spend their first few years in school learning to read and the remainder of their academic careers they are reading in order to learn.   Reading Rockets published a helpful article that outlines the top ten things you should know about reading…

1. Too many American children don’t read well
2. An achievement gaps exists
3. Learning to read is complex
4. Teachers should teach with the end goal in mind
5. Kids who struggle usually have problems sounding out words
6. What happens before school matters a lot
7. Learning to read is closely tied to learning to talk and listen
8. Without help, struggling readers continue to struggle
9. With help, struggling readers can succeed
10. Teaching kids to read is a team effort

A quick glance at this list reveals the importance of environment in the life of a child.  Children are in the height of the developmental stage of life and the availability of help, resources, and an environment conducive to learning are important factors in improving literacy.

To read the Reading Rocket article in its entirety follow this link.


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